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Our passion for freshness and excellent service, provides an exceptional culinary delight for all occasions.

Nestled in the heart of Crystal Beach, our intimate bistro invites you to savor an array of dishes and curated wines that blend global inspiration with local ingredients.
Reservations are required
We strive to be a no-waste kitchen. We kindly ask that you select your main course in advance as to offer a seamless and very fresh dining experience. MENU

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Comfort to gourmet. Fancy, Casual or in between. Pick up, Delivered or Serviced.

M Catering is here to please!

Cocktail Catering
Family Style
  • Mains & Sides
Special Events
  • Weddings, Corporate Party, Reunions. Give us a call to plan together.
  • Bar service available
School Catering
  • WAFFLE & Pasta programs

Savory and Sweet Delights Coming Summer 2024


We are a locally owned and Operated restaurant using Ontario farmers to create a Locally sourced, fresh food Canadian experience for all the senses. Led by Chef George Doczi, with more than 35 years of experience a unique style and a Cross-Cultural culinary background; we strive to be a very memorable part of your stay in Crystal Beach, Ontario, The South Coast of Canada!! Featuring Fresh food, Great Wine & Attentive and Friendly Service.


Food isn’t just what we eat.

It’s what brings us together

as families and communities.



-Chef George

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